Welcome to Kid Nation Madera

Our Vision

Welcome to Kid Nation Madera here at The Believers Church of Madera. Our vision at Kid Nation is to develop faith in kids that will never leave in time of trouble, will never fail them through life’s trials and will lead them on a constant journey of growth , knowledge, blessings, and victory. This is a place where God is made real, where Jesus is known and understood, and where they will develop a relationship with Him that involves their spirit, soul, and body.

Service in Kid Nation is similar to an adult service in that we include worship, announcements, tithe & offering and a life application message about Christ.  Because television, video games, and other media have had such a dramatic impact on the way children learn, our services implement videos, skits, and media slides into our programs on Sunday mornings to enhance interest and understanding of a particular biblical subject.  Because we have a fresh way of teaching throughout service, it helps better communicate the biblical principal, not just a bible story.  Children seem to remember a single powerful fact about God each week that they can put into action in their own lives.

Expecting the most, doing my best, trusting God to do the rest!
Monica Pursell
Children’s Pastor

Service Times

Sunday’s at 9:30am and Wednesday’s at 5:30pm

The Rules

  1. HONOR GOD: Fully participate in worship, keep focused and get involved during service.
  2. HONOR YOUR NEIGHBOR: There is not talking, looking around, or distracting other children.
  3. HAVE AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE: We encourage the children to clap for one another, be joyful and happy for others when they do will and be thankful for what God is doing here.